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Imagine NEVER having to feel starving losing weight again?

No tiny serves. No fuss. Just filling, tasty meals and done-for-you meal plans that will have you slimming down whilst (actually) living life.

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Imagine NEVER having to feel starving losing weight again?

No tiny serves. No fuss. Just filling, tasty meals and done-for-you meal plans that will have you slimming down whilst (actually) living life.

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My signature 3 Week Body Reset program helps you go from "trying it all", frustrated, hungry and stuck in the toxic “yo-yo” dieting cycle...
To a woman that’s full and satisfied, whilst slimming down, losing the bloat and still enjoying life's joys - like burgers and wine. 
It has been the kick-starter to transforming the lives of thousands of women worldwide! 

I lost a few stubborn kilos!

"Before this plan, I was stuck in a cycle of craving sweets in the arvo and my weight wouldn't budge. It helped break that cycle and I lost a few stubborn kilos! I'm so grateful that I found this approach, it's part of my daily life now!"

- Pia Drummond

I lost 3 kilos!

"At age 45, I was finding it difficult to lose weight, having tried numerous programs. I'm enjoying the variety of food and snacks which are easy to prepare and very filling. I have less bloating, more energy & a whole new outlook & appreciation for the way I eat".

- Kylie Scudds

Life changing!

"I lost 3.5kg, my bloating issues disappeared, and most importantly - I had so much more energy! I absolutely love Bec's philosophy, her recipes are so delicious and easy, and I recommend her to everyone! Thank you Bec, forever grateful!"

- Anna Sinclair

If you’re like most of the women I’ve helped, then…


✔ You've spent years dieting but always seem to gain it back

✔ You try extremely hard to lose weight, yet can't seem to stop overeating on weekends or at the end of the day

✔ You're sick of counting calories and busting your ass at the gym 5-6 times a week and not seeing results

✔ You're sick of visits to "by the book" dieticians or doctors who give you no answers or real help for your bloating concerns

✔ You know you want to lose weight, but are fearful to try yet another boring, restrictive diet that has you eating tiny meals or plain chicken, broccoli and rice as you’re a foodie and want to enjoy flavour and a glass of wine!

Answered yes to any of the above and feel like you've tried EVERYTHING, yet can't see any long term results?

I get it, I really do, because I was there too.

"After healing my own chronic gut concerns and weight fluctuations, then constructing over 700 personalised meal plans that produced life-changing results for women just like me, I could perfect this lower carb approach for this signature meal plan! And it's working! 
I went through 4 years of spending countless dollars on seeing specialists and people who only offered me "by-the book" advice which DIDN'T WORK."

Thousands of women who have 'tried it all'...

are FINALLY slimming down & losing the bloat (without the hunger) with this evidence based, tasty and easy plan...
This could be you too!
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So, who is it for?

It particularly helps women who:

✔ Are health-conscious and ‘doing all the right things’ but not seeing results

✔ Have tried calorie restriction diets before with no success

✔ Have attempted keto or low carb diets before but failed due to too much restriction 

✔ Are caught in the toxic yo-yo dieting cycle 

✔ Have bloating or IBS-type concerns

✔ Have PCOS, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes

✔ Have hypothyroidism

✔ Have inflammatory complaints such as fluid retention, acne or fatigue

✔ Have extreme sugar cravings or a large appetite

✔ Are gluten sensitive or coeliac

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The 3 Week Body Reset is designed to help you...

It helps you...

Slim Down (minus the hunger)

Expect a kick start to your weight loss journey - without the hunger and restriction that come along with other calorie controlled plans.

Lose the Bloat

You may experience a reduction in IBS symptoms, leaving you feeling lighter, happier and pain free. 

Boost Your Energy

Expect a clear head, less brain fog and boosted energy as your livers natural detoxification pathways are optimised. 

Find Peace With Food

You'll learn skills to help you lose the diet mindset and feel at ease with the balanced nature of the plan.

 I'm all about the "whys" and helping you understand the science behind what I give you, so that you can feel empowered and committed to make change.


The meals are big, but the calories aren't

So that you feel like you're eating a lot, but you're really not! Win-Win.

Made possible by constructing each meal to be cleverly bulked up with low calorie, yet highly nutrient dense vegetables.

No room for small meals with me!


The meals are free from inflammatory - promoting foods

All meals are gluten free, sugar free and nearly all dairy free. Why? Elimination of these foods has caused the cessation of bloating complaints, as-well as other inflammatory concerns such as acne and arthritis in the majority of my clients. It also helps women with PCOS immensely!


Cravings diminish and hunger halts

Compared to other calorie controlled plans, this low carb, higher fat plan causes less hunger & greater feelings of fullness.

This makes sticking to this plan actually possible!

Unlike other plans where "hanger" as a serious emotion.


The guesswork is taken out

With a new, calorie controlled & delicious meal plan, together with clear shopping lists each week, you won't have to think about what to do!

It's all done for you. Hello more time! Bye calorie counting apps!


How is it different to other weight loss plans?

I have studied the myths and mistakes that exist in the diet industry and WHY, on a scientific level, women keep failing FOR YEARS.

This plan busts it all to ACTUALLY produce results for women- and long term ones too.

Scientific studies demonstrate that a 35% reduction in calories results in a 30-40% reduction in BMR (the amount of calories you burn per day).
Your body slows down to compensate for this loss of energy!
This is why so many women see a plateau, or gain the weight straight back after a regular, calorie restricted diet.
The 3 Week Body Reset still controls calories, but ALSO simultaneously strongly considers the correct balance of macronutrients and how they affect your metabolism.
Intermittent fasting is also introduced in week 3 which has been proven to actually cause an INCREASE your BMR (metabolism) by 3.6-14%! Which, in turn, helps you burn even more calories throughout the day.

And, most plans are 'calorie-only' focussed.


However, women with bloating and IBS concerns are ALSO at the forefront of my focus with this plan.


It’s not ONLY a weight loss plan.
The nature of this approach offers surprising relief for so many women who have tried it all, seen multiple specialists and feel stuck and confused.
As someone who has healed her own chronic gut concerns with this approach, I get it and I’m so passionate to share it with you too.
It's 100% gluten and grain free and predominantly dairy free, with extra help and direction included to help you pinpoint your concerns if there are any more!
The 3 Week Body Reset program is made up of 3 parts;

Online portal

Mini lessons and printable resources to educate and guide you along your journey. It complements your meal plan so that you understand the WHY - setting you up for success.

The meal plan

An eBook to download including your 3 weeks of meal plans, shopping lists, 40 recipes, exact macronutrient breakdowns and a glossary of foods to help you navigate the supermarkets.

Regular emails

Whilst you're on the plan, you are followed in live time with a series of emails to motivate you and remind you to login to the portal to digest the relevant content for where you're at!

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of the 3 Week Body Reset portal!



And, a sneak peek of some of the recipes, which are all:


 Gluten free, low carb, high in fibre, mostly dairy free (with dairy free options)

 Easy to cook for all levels of cooking

 Simple, using not a tonne of different ingredients that have you in the kitchen for hours

 Tasty and big!

 Easily adapted to your partner and kids. Or left as is, they love them!

Join the 3 Week Body Reset now! Start any Monday, have access for life!
Worried that you won't be able to maintain your social life or grab a meal out whilst working towards your results?


Scarred by past attempts where diets don't teach you how to be flexible at these times?


Have no fear!

The 3 Week Body Reset has blank spaces over the weekend for these times. I educate you on HOW to do this so that you can keep living life.


Takeaway, meals out and social events are a part of normal life - and this plan is a lifestyle plan, not a rigid diet. So, if you have Christmas events coming up, or you just love your Friday night burger and wine - that’s ALLOWED!

I know, there are SO many diets out there...

It's hard to trust yet ANOTHER one right?! So, don't just listen to me - see what women worldwide who have tried it all are saying!

Before & After


“I was sceptical when I started, but was SO tired of trying ‘all the things’ and getting nowhere. I was worried that it would be boring and I’d be starving all the time…

But, when the scales were 3 kg down after a week I was sold!! The meals are easy and delicious which is a relief as a time poor business owner!

I lost 4.5 kgs, then continued on in the Tribe and never want to stop. 8 kgs down now and have  never felt hungry or deprived!

Before & After


“I’ve always been a healthy eater and an active person, but something just wasn’t working…

After the 3 Week Body Reset and continuing on in the Tribe, the pieces of the puzzle just came together, I've lost 6.5 kgs in 6 weeks and never felt hungry.

It's affordable, works with my family, my energy levels are at an all time high and I have just continued on - there is no end date!"

Before & After


“I have just completed the 3 Week Body Reset and I feel fabulous. I have been struggling with gut issues and finding it hard to lose weight for 2 years, even though I ate relatively healthy and worked out 5 days a week.

The dinners are delicious and I have to say, this girl really knows her flavours!

I have lost 9 kgs in 8 weeks - I joined your Tribe after the reset to continue on and never looking back. Thanks Bec!”

Before & After


“After following Bec's 3 Week Body Reset Plan and continuing with a moderately low carb way of eating, I have lost nearly 10 kgs! Bec's recipes and plans have completely inspired me. You never feel hungry and are always satisfied. Bec has literally changed my life! I'm in the best shape ever and food no longer has a negative hold over me."

Before & After

Samantha Fox

 "I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Breast Cancer 12 years ago and was really struggling with my nutrition. I had gained weight around my abdomen that I just couldn’t lose. Bec suggested I start with her 3 Week Body Reset.

I’m a foodie so my first concern was if this was going to a boring meal plan that I would follow for a day or two and quit. To my surprise it was the exact opposite!

The meals flavourful and filling. My sugar cravings are gone, and I’ve lost 6 kilos.

Join now, start any Monday, have access for life!

"I've lost 6.5 kgs - and it wasn't hard to do!"

“Before I started the 3 Week Body Reset, I was craving sugar and carbs and was SO tired in the afternoons. I've just finished and it was AMAZING!! I have lost 6.5 kgs and am pretty happy about that, because it wasn't hard to do!! The recipes were fantastic, so delicious and easy to make. I've lost my sugar cravings and my energy increased!"

- Nikki Fox

"My IBS symptoms are gone - and I've lost 6-7 kgs!"

I hadn't been able to lose any weight for almost 4 years and I was constantly bloated. Now, all of my IBS symptoms are gone - and I've lost 6-7 kgs! I'm never hungry, have more energy, enjoy my meals and enjoy cooking them. You've showed me a new way of life and this is how I intend to live my life now!"

- Noemi Imperitura

"You truly CAN lose weight with menopause"

After years of trying & not achieving anything, my weight has come down quickly. And, no bloating! Just an overall feeling of wellbeing. This is an easy, sustainable way of living & I love it. I haven't felt this good in years!! Never forget how amazing you are and how many lives you have changed."

- Andrea Pursey

"As I have PCOS and insulin resistance, I've really struggled with my weight for years" 

"After the 3 Week Body Reset, I felt a lot better than I had in a long time - no bloating, more energy and I finally started seeing my body change. The Tribe is an amazing addition and the inspirational women in there has made we want to work harder to achieve my goals."

- Jacqueline Rochelle


Can you image how it would feel if you TOO could:

✔ Get to that 3 pm time and not crash or crave sugar

✔ Give up the “all or nothing” mindset and grab something out without feeling like a failure

✔ Slim down whilst eating tasty, fulfilling meals and feeling full with zero guilt

✔ Stop busting your ass at the gym 5-6 times a week, cut down on exercise and actually see results

✔ Stop the dreaded, daily bloat

✔ Gain a huge amount of clarity and a transformed mindset around portion sizes and learnt how you CAN eat large serves  – say goodbye to small servings for good!

✔ Feel far more energy, confidence in your clothes and focus for your family and work

✔ Feel that you’ll never have to try another diet again.

Well... you can.


Now's the time for you to ask yourself… would you like a low carb meal plan to get you out of the hungry, restrictive, yo-yo dieting cycle and into action ASAP (for the long run)?

So that you can FINALLY see how it feels to watch your waistline decrease with tasty, large and easy meals?


If so, you have 3 options:

1. Do nothing - and continue to attempt to diet yourself, constantly crave food and visit multiple dieticians who give you no real answers.


2. Try to go low carb yourself and spend hours and hours calorie counting on apps, researching what is and isn’t allowed, searching for recipes (wondering if they’re low carb) and end up very likely missing out on essential nutrients.


3. Follow a proven, step by step system that completely takes all of the guesswork out of meal planning, shopping and calorie counting for you so that you can slim down and lose the bloat without the hunger or boredom and know that you're supporting your gut health and meeting your nutrient needs.

If you chose 3...

Let's get started!

Just to recap, the 3 Week Body Reset Program includes:

✔ Access to the online learning portal to educate you and walk you through each and every step


✔ 3 Week Body Reset PDF eBook (including the 3 meal plans, shopping lists, 40 recipes, food glossary, macronutrient breakdown)


✔ Regular support emails with motivation and  prompts to login to your portal for guidance and education

  • Bonus Low Carb Snack Ideas Guide
  • Bonus Dining Out Guide
  • Bonus Build Your Own Salad Guide
  • Bonus Adapt to Your Family Guide (value $39.99)


$139.00 AUD  just $118.15 (save 15%)

OR, split pay: $65.00 AUD today


... Considering it's the last diet you may ever need to buy, think about how much you're actually SAVING?! Also, working with me in a 1/1 capacity for this same amount of help would be upwards of $1500. Women actually SAVE on groceries too -  read the FAQs below if you're concerned about price!
Buy now, start any Monday and have access for life!

Oh, by the way - that's not all. You also get these 4 Bonus Guides to help you create flexibility and the ability to personalise the plan to YOU...

These low carb guides complement your plan to help you stay on track if you need to sway from the plan.

Flexibility is key!

Low Carb Snack Ideas Guide

A snack guide broken down into 100 and 200 calorie portions to keep your appetite in check and cravings at bay.

I'd Love To!

Low Carb Dining Out Guide

Stay on track with your goals and know what to choose when you dine out or grab takeaway! My top tips for different cuisines.

Sign Me Up!

Build Your Own Salad Guide

Create any salad that always equals 400 calories and stays within the Health with Bec guidelines.

I'm In!

BONUS 4 - a guide to help your partner or kids join in.

Don't want to make separate meals for your partner or family?

You don't have to. No one has time for that!

See what some women are saying...

Have questions?

Here are some of the most commonly asked ones!