To the woman who's sick and tired of always falling back into old habits & not seeing sustainable results...

Have you done the 3 Week Body Reset and want to CONTINUE to see results & keep them up?

Understand how to ACTUALLY implement your new diet into your life - for good!

It doesn't need to be hard, I take all the guesswork out for you!

Proven, results driven meal plans, education and support - all in one place, where you TOO can eat with balance whilst you approach and maintain your heathy weight - without the guesswork, tiny portions or boredom.
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With Results Like These:

"I haven't felt this good in years!! My weight has come down quickly after years of trying & not achieving anything. This is an easy sustainable way of living & I love it".

- Andrea Pursey

"You take out all the guess work. Your recipes are so doable and delicious. If I fall off the wagon all I do is follow your principles.....it’s that simple. IT ALL WORKS".

- Suzie Grice

"The simplest, tastiest, most sustainable “diet” I've ever done. I'm 6 months in and have maintained the new eating with ease. Never hungry or bloated and sugar cravings are gone!"

- Jen Shepherd

It's no wonder women are RAVING about this one-of-a-kind community & finally ditching the yo-yo dieting.

Introducing the Health with Bec Tribe

The Tribe isn't like any other health app / membership / subscription out there.


It's a transformational process that will change you...


from a woman who's sick and tired of yo-yo dieting, to one that FINALLY knows how to consistently eat with balance for weight loss success and maintenance - without the restriction or guesswork.


 You’ll recognise and know exactly what your body needs to eliminate food anxiety and not have to worry about calorie counting

 You’ll stay inspired and never need to think about what to cook - all of the guesswork is taken away

 You’ll gain confidence, so that you can go out and socialise more and improve your relationship and sex life

 You’ll drop a dress size or 2 and maintain it for more than just a month or 2!

 You’ll never have to worry about “dieting” again and missing out on life joys

 You’ll know exactly how to snap back into action after an indulgent weekend with zero guilt, instead of punishing yourself

 You’ll feel supported and totally accountable 24/7, with a one of a kind community who are on the EXACT same path and access to me for all of your questions

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Don't like reading?

Have a listen to me chat about what the Tribe is and if it is for you!


Don't like reading?

Let me quickly chat to you to tell you what the Tribe is all about!


Have you done the 3 Week Body Reset and want to CONTINUE to change your eating habits to transform your body and confidence?


To stop that yo-yo dieting (for once) and continue to lose weight - and keep it off?

Have you ever…
  1.  Learnt how to drive a car?
  2.  Raised a child?
  3.  Learnt a language? 


If you answered yes to any of the above, I'm sure you didn’t just follow instructions for a few weeks and then know exactly how to do it right?!


You needed constant, week after week:

✅ Lessons

✅ Support


✅ To make mistakes and learn from them


So, how is completely changing your dietary habits to quit the yo-yo dieting and transform your gut, body, health and mindset to eat with balance (for life) any different? 




So many women underestimate how big of a shift it is to find their balance when it comes to health, when, in fact, it’s a bloody big deal 🙏.


It took me at least 5-7 years to find the answers to my bloating issues and figure out exactly how to fuel my body to prevent the binge / restrict cycle, manage my weight, feel full, prevent the bloat, stay consistent, develop the right mindset and set the right priorities.


And that’s EXACTLY why I created the Health with Bec Tribe, for women to join after the 3 Week Body Reset if they feel the approach works for them.


I help you find your balance in approx. 0.5-2 years (if you commit and do the work), as opposed to 5 + like me 😀.


And, if you’ve failed at many attempts to change your habits in the past, let me ask you - were you in a program that provided you with all the ✅s above? If not, it’s not your fault ❤️ MAKING BIG CHANGE IS SO HARD ALONE, and hardly any transformation can be taught in just few weeks.


Another reason why so many diets fail….

The Tribe is for you if want to stay in momentum after the 3 Week Body Reset to continue to see results and not let your old habits creep back in.
You will continue to slim down, feel supported and FINALLY create a life with no more yo-yo dieting or rebound weight gain, so that you truly CAN reach that big, juicy goal of yours that you've always dreamt of but can't seem to get there on your own.
If you've also wasted time and spent hundreds or thousands of dollars (like me) searching for the right answers and jumping from diet to diet and you're ready to FINALLY stop that binge / restrict pattern of eating, you’re ready for a long term approach. 

 An approach that:


✔ Works in with your day-to-day and family life easily 
✔ Keeps FLAVOUR and MEAL SIZE at a maximum for constant satisfaction
✔ Has you feeling supported and accountable DAILY to ensure you don't fall off track
Removes all the guesswork and has all your answers in one, easy location - bye hours on google &  deciphering labels! 


And that’s exactly what the Health with Bec Tribe is all about!

I created the Tribe at the end of 2019, as too many women were over the moon with their results from the 3 Week Body Reset and the demand for access to me and more, ongoing help and support was evident.


There really is so much more work to be done to ensure that you keep up with your results and learn how to then implement it into your life for a total, lifestyle transformation.


The Tribe completely saves your thinking time and is your safe, comfortable and informative source for everything weight loss, gut health & goal setting, using a proven process to produce long term results.

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The Tribe experience is unique to anything else that's available on the market.

So, what do you receive when you join the Tribe?

I've felt first hand how it feels to be treated like a number after visiting multiple GP's and specialists on my health journey. So, this fuels me to do the exact opposite for you.


You are not a number to me.


I am highly involved in the Tribe, unlike any other health app or online program out there where you don't get access to the founder.

Speaking of, here's an insight into just some of the other things that happen inside the community that make you NOT feel like a number.
Everyone is made to feel appreciated, heard, answered and supported.

1. Sporadic, in-person meet ups

2. Weekly sharing and celebrating of everyone's wins on a Wednesday

3. Monthly prizes for the most engaged member in the facebook group!


The recipes and meal plans

The hardest part about staying on track with a low carb diet that's ALSO calorie controlled, is simply knowing what to cook, or which recipe is "right". 
I totally take this guesswork out for you, as I do all the work!
The weekly recipe cards are designed so carefully to follow my guidelines, so that you can sub them into your meal plan to create flexibility and always trust that you're staying on track.

More on the meal plans...

They're meticulously designed by me, after surveying the members for their preferences & needs.
All the guesswork is removed as they contain a shopping list, calorie breakdowns and recipes along with extensive notes to help YOU adapt it to your needs.


Here's a sneak peek of the meal plan you get TODAY! There is also a totally pescetarian version.


Any Nutritionist or company selling weight loss plans can throw together a meal plan, so how are mine different?


1. Everyones favourite preferences and choices are considered, from my team and I constantly staying on top of your posts, requests and trends in the facebook group and inbox..

2. The meals all fit together to add up to the right amount of calories, protein and fibre for the day to keep you full whilst promoting weight loss, no bloating and optimal gut health.

3. An extremely precise shopping list is provided, so that you literally have to do NO guesswork with your shopping or wonder about which food products to choose or what's "healthy". If there are ever any foods used like a sauce, mayonnaise or pasta- you get my best options to buy. Bye label reading!

4. Made cleverly so that you use up lots of the same ingredients (little food wastage).

5. Leaving clever room for freedom meals and guidance around these times so that you can actually know how to REALISTICALLY follow this lifestyle for life.

6. Ensure every meal is quick, simple and easy and can easily be enjoyed by the whole family.


Yes! Join the Tribe Now!

Women inside the Health with Bec Tribe have finally been achieving long term results they’ve been searching for - after trying it all.


They are:

✔ Slimming down and keeping it off after the 3 Week Body Reset
✔ Reducing the bloating and further discovering their own triggers
✔ Understanding exactly how to snap back after an indulgent weekend or if they've fallen off track
✔ Loving having all of the guesswork taken out of meal planning
✔ Feeling in control and understanding how to meal plan for their own personal needs
✔ Feeling extremely supported from being surrounded by likeminded women in the community
Simply by changing their approach to food in the Tribe - for more than just a few weeks like most diet attempts.


Just like these women...

Join the Tribe now!

Upon sign up, you also instantly receive one recipe, educational videos, saved Q&As, workshops and printable blueprints to help you learn things such as:


✔ How to intermittent fast effectively

✔ How to to dine out with exact, healthy options to choose when you forget to prep lunch or dinner


✔ How to manage your eating on the weekends to ensure you indulge - yet don't fall completely off track 


✔ Tactics and tools to stay accountable or get back on track when needed


✔ Knowing exactly which products on the market are 'approved' by me. You get access to an online glossary of foods such as yoghurts, bars, milks etc

How to begin meal planning yourself to make it work for YOUR lifestyle and body more without getting obsessed with calories

See why (just some) of the 5000 + members can't stop raving about the Health with Bec Tribe

Are you starting to wonder how long women usually need to stay in the Health with Bec Tribe for?

Great question - and I have an answer! Most women say that it takes them 6 months of receiving meal plans before they could confidently meal plan for their own needs! After this, many stay on for the accountability, constant new recipe inspiration, endless education and motivation factor! It's a hard group to leave and sticking with a complete dietary lifestyle change absolutely takes time! This is why I have made it affordable enough to stay for the long haul.

Here's what some women have achieved in this time, and what's possible for you too...

I've helped thousands of women transform their lives and find freedom from the yo-yo dieting, and now it's your turn!


My 1/1 clients used to pay me $400 for a once off 7 day meal plan. On top of that, for long term success, we usually needed at least 3 follow ups and possibly more meal plans, making it add up to at least $1000-$2000 to get results.
This is why I had to create the Tribe, to help you for a tiny fraction of the amount after seeing so many similarities in the women I work with.

I feel so confident, as you've already been filtered through the 3 Week Body Reset, which means the approach WORKS for you. And, the Tribe is designed cleverly to help you easily tweak the recipes and plans to your needs for that personalised experience.
So tell me... are you in?!

I've helped hundreds of women transform their lives and find freedom from the yo-yo dieting, and now it's your turn!

My 1/1 clients used to pay me $550 for a once off meal plan and consultation. On top of that, for long term success, we usually need at least 3 follow ups and possibly more meal plans, making it add up to at least $1200 - $1500 to kick off long-term momentum.
This is why I had to create the Tribe, to help you for a tiny fraction of the amount after seeing so many similarities in the women I've worked with.

I feel so confident too, as you have already been filtered through the 3 Week Body Reset, which means the approach WORKS for you.
And, there is access to me to ask me your questions and plenty of resources to help YOU easily tweak the recipes and plans to your needs for that personalised experience - you are not a number to me. 

So, look, we've had some fun, but it's time to get real.


You've got 2 choices...


1. You could choose to go on alone with your best intentions, even though you KNOW, deep down, that this has failed in the past and you could easily slip back into old ways and regain the weight.


2. OR, you could invest in your health TODAY, while you're in momentum - and continue to lose weight without any guesswork.


So, what will it be?


The choice is yours to make!


If it’s Option 2 and you’re ready to take control of your health, say goodbye to restrictive eating, and become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself?


Hit the join now button below!

The Health with Bec Tribe

$39.00 AUD / month

That's just 2 takeaway coffees a week...

Or, join for 6 months and only pay for 5 (just $195!)


Click join now below and then you can choose your payment option on the checkout!

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 Just to recap, how good this is... if you join now with your free trial, you get:
  • 🥳 Instant access to the new, 7 day meal plans (both the original and pescatarian versions)😍 (👀 FYI, when I used to make personalised, 7 day meal plans, they were $400.)
  • Weekly recipes with precise macros, formulated to easily be subbed in to your meal plans
  • Access to the private & refined Facebook community where you can stay accountable, have your questions answered and remain inspired!
  • Fortnightly live coaching calls with me to gain immense motivation and inspiration to keep you on track and always learning  
  • A huge library of resources to help you learn about the Health with Bec life
  • A supplements section to take the guesswork out of choosing the right supplements to support your new lifestyle
  • An extensive food and product glossary all approved by me - bye label reading!!

Just to recap, who is the Health with Bec Tribe for?

Because it's not for everyone! I only want you to join if you know you like my approach and have done, or are doing the 3 Week Body Reset.

It's for you if you:

  • Love my lower carb approach and need to learn more to help you swap things around in meal plans, stay inspired with new recipes and continue to learn how to live this life and adapt it to your own.
  • Are a busy-bee and need regular, perfectly macronutrient controlled plans with shopping lists to take the guesswork out for you and eliminate thinking time around meal choices, planning and calories!
  • Feel like you need one trusted source for all info weight loss, gut health and low carb lifestyles
  • Struggle to stick to your goals and need the accountability help from a community 


It's not for you if you:

  • Have an eating disorder
  • Are under 18 years old
  • Are male
  • Are vegetarian. Vegetarians generally need to follow a lifestyle that is higher in healthy carbs and it is slightly different 


It is highly recommended that the 3 Week Body Reset is purchased or completed as this lays a lot of the foundations for what will be continued on and covered in this membership. 


But remember - even if you join and you're not over the moon, or you're ready to leave after a month, there are no lock in contracts!


I want to join!

Have questions?

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If you don't find your answer, please don't hesitate to contact my wonderful team by clicking the button below and filling in the contact form. 

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