Before you cancel... you'll want to know this.

Have you seen the news??


My new, custom Health with Bec App is due to launch around the 20th June!


It's going to simplify everything in the Tribe & have far more new and improved features. It will...

  • Have metric AND imperial units of measure to choose from
  • Have a 'build your own meal plan section' where that populates a precise shopping list for you (where you can also double / triple recipes to feed your family or swap around recipes and this is reflected on the shopping list automatically - no more tweaking and building shopping lists yourself
  • Have an easy to refer to glossary. As you are shopping using the shopping list, you can toggle directly over to the glossary on the same screen to get out updated, best suggestions and tips on how to choose the best options and brands
  • Have a huge library of extra recipes (approx. 40 that will be added to weekly upon launch) to swap out recipes you don't like or use to create your own custom meal plans. So, the recipes won't be dropped weekly anymore, you get lots all at once.
  • Allow you to save meal plans to the app ( so if you create one you love, you can always refer back to it and repeat)
  • Allow you to easily see your calories and macros for the day when you view your day of eating 
  • Include a personal tracker to record your symptoms, weight and more so that your results can be easily accessed and tracked every week and stay in the same spot. You can see your progress over time and learn your triggers ( ie bloating issues) easily. Option to also upload images of yourself for your own, private viewing and tracking
  • Have an amazing feature where you can get fast answers to all of the most common questions that have been asked (over 100 from the last 3 years)


And more....

The app developers are aiming for June 20 and you all get access first before the general public.

Please note that my pricing will be increasing by $20 / month when this happens... BUT YOU WILL REMAIN ON YOUR EXISTING PAYMENTS and be transferred over if you stay in the Tribe if you don't cancel😍.

If you cancel though, you will have to pay $59 AUD / month for the tier that you are on now.

We will have a tier that is $39 AUD / month but access to me with zoom calls won't be included. Tribe premium ($59/month) will include the zoom calls and that is what you will all get access to if you stay around (ie you will be saving $20/ month as you stay on your $39/month plan as founding members for life unless you cancel).

It's honestly, hand on my heart, going to be a life-changing app that will save so much of the guesswork and stress from your meal plan and shopping list creation.

Cancel anyway!

Ready to totally cancel your membership?

We will be sad to see you go!

Please note, you will still have access until your monthly billing date is up! Please be sure to download everything you need from the portal before then.

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